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The United Correctional Officers Federation is a Non-Profit organization based out of South Florida. As a professioal employee organization, we are dedicated to serving the law enforcement and public safety community and extending our services and programs to the general public. We are committed to promoting professionalism among law enforcement officers and develop public interest on issues pertaining to the Criminal Justice system. Our goal is to establish and maintain a high level of quality in our services and produce a strong fraternal family

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Our legal advisors are deveoted to providing our members solutions to legal problems occurring to people in the ordinary course of life. Our attorneys will represent you on matter ranging from: internal afaris representation, grievances, complaints, job representation, discrimination, real estate, family law, accidents, criminal cases etc... Our coverage range from 100% to 50% discounted. Notary Public is free fro members and their immedate family.
We provide you legal assitance for pennies a day. As a UCOF Member, legal assitance and peace of mind is always just a phone call away. All members have access to our 24-hour service line (305) 270-4844. Our representative are always ready to help you with any questions you may have.

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